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  • Chain Turnover Machine

    Chain turnover machine is mainly used for welding and assembling long strip parts. The workpiece is hoisted and placed on the chain of the machine, which can flip arbitrarily in the range of 360 degrees and can lift and drop the workpiece. Therefore, in the welding process, the longitudinal weld can be quickly changed into flat welding, which makes the heavy welding work more humanized, reduces the worker's labor intensity, makes the welding site safer and more standardized, so as to ensure the quality of the weld and improve the welding efficiency, ensure staff safety.

  • Export Vietnam 10T chain turnover machine successful debugging

    10T chain flipping machine is a device that is made according to customer requirements in Vietnam. It is mainly used for the turning and lifting of the workpiece, greatly improving the efficiency and ensuring the safety of the workers.

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