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Middle and thick plate slitting line

Middle and thick plate slitting line is used for middle and thick hot rolled steel plate coil to uncoiling,slitting, recoiling to required steel strips. This line apply to hot rolled carbon steel, thick aluminum coil, stainless steel and other different kinds of surface plated metal.

    This line is composed of entry coil car, uncoiler, feeding in device, simple leveler, head shearing device, Side Guide, thick plate slitting device, scrap winder, tension unit, recoiling machine, unloading device.etc.

    This production line Hydraulic system main parts adopt Germany BOSCH-REXROT components and seals, electrical control adopt Japan Mitsubishi PLC program controller main motor of leveler and slitting device adopts high power DC motor, DC controller adopts ETD products, speed of uncoiler, slitting device and recoiling machine controlled by high-performance electric, able to achieve matched speed. This production line has high degree of automation, can process high strength thick plate, little amount of wrong side recoiling coil, has stable and reliable performance, easy operation and maintenance, etc.


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