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Double - position double - head open arc welding machine pass user acceptance
Publisher:wenhui       Release time:2017-12-27 10:05
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1.       Machine configuration

1)      DH306 Double - position double - head open arc welding machine 1 set

2)      open arc head and water-cooled overlay welding torch (include slide) 2 sets

3)      Mechanical eccentric wheel type welding oscillating device 2 sets

4)      Open arc welding power source Miller Deltaweld852 2 sets

5)      Water cooled tank 10L 2 sets

6)      Welding cable assembly (include drag chain) 1 set

7)      electric control system 1 set

2.       Main technical parameters of the workpiece:

1)      Outside diameter of workpiece: Φ100—Φ600mm

2)      Workpiece length: Single station maximum ≤3000mm; Double station maximum ≤1000mm

3)      Maximum weight: 5000kg

4)      Welding mode: open arc

5)      According to the requirements of welding process, the welding process can be selected, such as the spiral surfacing, the step type surfacing, the swing welding and so on. By touching the man-machine interface, it can be convenient to preset welding parameters, change the parameters and state transitions, and the storage and call of the program.

3.       Control system

    It consists of control cabinet and control box. The system adopts imported PLC as the main control unit, and the multi module centralized control mode is adopted to coordinate the communication of welding parameters and motion parameters. Can complete the parameter programming and storage, can store the parameters, control box can complete the operation of the various functions.

The control system has the characteristics of stable operation, easy programming, intuitive interface, easy maintenance, strong anti-interference ability and so on. The device has the functions of stroke protection, overload protection, overheat protection, etc. to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

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