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Sanjiang group special vehicle equipment will be immediate delivered
Publisher:wenhui       Release time:2017-12-27 10:04
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Yesterday, the Sanjiang Aerospace Group Chinese Wanshan Special Vehicle Company experts came to our company, for pre inspection of the hollow circular frame welding tilter. Through operation, the welding machine data in accordance with the technical standards, and gave a high degree of evaluation. On the equipment appearance of paint and other issues, put forward valuable suggestions.

    Hollow circular frame welding tilter is mainly used for special off-road vehicle chassis turnover, to realize the welding of different parts; it has the advantages of advanced structure, complete function, and convenient operation and so on. The use of hollow ring type turning frame can shorten the welding auxiliary time, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve labor productivity, and improve the quality of welding.

    Pictures are from the acceptance site:

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