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What if the plasma cutting machine is too low?
Publisher:HUAFEI CNC       Release time:2019-09-29 16:10
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  When the plasma cutting machine is working, if the working pressure is far lower than the pressure required by the specification, this means that the discharge speed of the plasma arc is weakened, and the input air flow rate is less than the specified value. At this time, a high energy, high speed plasma arc cannot be formed. As a result, the quality of the incision is poor, the cut is not penetrated, and the incision accumulates. The reasons for the lack of air pressure are: insufficient air input to the air compressor, low pressure regulation of the air regulator valve of the cutting machine, oil stain in the solenoid valve, and unobstructed air passage.

  The solution is to observe the output pressure display of the air compressor before use. If the requirements are not met, adjust the pressure or repair the air compressor. If the input air pressure has reached the required level, check whether the air filter pressure reducing valve is adjusted correctly, and the gauge pressure display can meet the cutting requirements. Otherwise, the air filter regulator should be routinely maintained to ensure that the input air is dry and free of oil.

  If the input air quality is poor, oil will be generated in the solenoid valve, the valve core is opened, and the valve port cannot be fully opened. In addition, the pressure of the torch nozzle is too low, and the solenoid valve needs to be replaced; if the cross section of the gas path is small, the air pressure will be too low, and the air pipe can be replaced according to the requirements of the CNC plasma cutting machine.

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