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How to control the cutting error of CNC flame cutting machine
Publisher:HUAFEI CNC       Release time:2019-09-25 15:37
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  The CNC cutting machine is divided into the flame cutting machine and the same ion cutting machine. Both of them will generate heat of processing. So it is inevitable that the workpiece will be deformed and affect the accuracy of the product. However, from the point of view of use, the error of the CNC flame cutting machine is controlled at an appropriate level. It is the primary condition for cutting and cutting of enterprises.

  The error of the flame cutting machine and the plasma cutting machine is different. The error of the flame cutting machine is a lot of manual control factors, including the adjustment of the flame, the control of the air pressure, the grasping speed, etc, and the dirt on the surface of the steel plate is cleaned before cutting. Clean, cut once when cutting, try not to repeat the cut repeatedly.

  1. If the flatness of the plate is not good, the size may change after cutting;

  2. For long and long row parts with large length and width, adopt common side cutting, cut the long side first, and then cut the short head after cool the steel plate; 

  3. Because the flame cutting speed is slow, the preheating time is long, and the steel plate absorbs too much heat, which will cause thermal deformation. According to the shape and experience of the part, measures can be taken when preparing the CNC cutting program;

  4. In the cutting project, the internal stress of the material will be removed from the material, and the local internal stress will be released and redistributed, which will cause the displacement and deformation of the steel plate, causing the cutting size to be super poor.

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