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Using the CNC plasma cutting machine to hang the slag problem
Publisher:HUAFEI CNC       Release time:2019-09-25 16:15
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  How to choose the flatness of CNC plasma cutting machine: When using the hot cutting method, a common problem is to cut the surface slag, which is the cutting flatness problem that we will talk about. As for the CNC plasma cutting machine, there are still similar situations. Considering that the current CNC plasma cutting machine is mainly used for cutting and processing special materials such as stainless steel, the slag disposal is more difficult than the carbon plate. For processing companies or users who are looking to reduce secondary processing, how to reduce the residue of slag and improve the quality of flatness is a question that many companies valued.

  The so-called incision plane flatness refers to the distance between the highest point and the lowest point of/in the incision surface of the measured part and the two parallel lines in the direction of the inclination of the incision surface.

  In general, the cut surface after machining with a numerically controlled plasma cutting machine has a molten layer of about 0.25 to 3.80 mm thick. The remaining chemical composition of the slag of this thickness is common to the data itself, and there is no chemical component including the cut surface. change. A fine weld can be obtained by directly welding the cut surface.

  When the stainless steel is cut, since the heated zone quickly passes through a critical temperature of 649° C, the chromium carbide does not separate from the grain boundary. Therefore, cutting the stainless steel with a plasma arc does not affect its corrosion resistance. In other words, the remaining slag residue on the scale does not affect the physical properties of the cut material, just to reduce the slag thickness, the operating gas pressure of the conditioning CNC plasma cutting machine and the torch walking speed can be reached.

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