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Causes of excessive nozzle electrode loss caused by CNC plasma cutting machine
Publisher:HUAFEI CNC       Release time:2019-09-20 13:48
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  The electrode cutting torch loss of CNC plasma cutting machine has always been a concern of many companies. It is not normal for many companies to cut the cutting nozzle too much. Here I will sort out several problems that cause the cutting nozzle loss to be too large, and the above problem operation proposes several solutions.

1. Cutting thickness exceeds the allowable range of power supply and cutting nozzle.

  When purchasing a CNC cutting machine, the manufacturer will recommend a suitable plasma power supply and cutting nozzle model according to the processing needs of the enterprise. This is only to reduce the procurement cost, and more importantly, to optimize the cutting effect. However, after purchasing a cutting machine, many companies cut the thickness of the material beyond the allowable range of the power supply and the cutting nozzle due to business adjustment or inadvertent operation, which will have a great impact on the electrode cutting nozzle and the plasma power supply. In general, the cutter cannot perforate a steel plate that exceeds its working thickness. The usual perforation thickness is 1/2 of the normal cutting thickness. For example: 100A plasma, the system is set to cut 1 inch (about 25mm carbon steel), then the system The perforation thickness should be 0.5 inches (about 12.5 mm).

2. Electrode nozzle overloads.

  Many companies like to use the CNC plasma cutting machine, they like to drive the current intensity of the power supply to the maximum, even if the thickness of the cutting material does not reach the upper limit of the plasma power supply, but in order to improve the cutting speed and efficiency, it is still 100% current intensity work, this This can cause the nozzle to be overloaded (ie, exceed the operating current of the nozzle) and the nozzle will be damaged quickly. In general, the current intensity should be 95% of the nozzle operating current. For example, the 100A nozzle current intensity should be set to 80-60A.

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