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The reason why the size of the workpiece cut by the CNC plasma cutting machine is not accurate
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1. Cutting machine accuracy problems:

Cutting machine accuracy includes mechanical precision and electronic precision.

  The mechanical precision is mainly affected by the linearity, parallelism, levelness of the guide rail, the transmission accuracy of the gear or steel belt, etc. The level of the cutting platform also affects the accuracy of the workpiece. The electronic precision is affected by the numerical control system software and motion control card, pulse equivalent, servo and servo drive. In particular, if the pulse equivalent is not adjusted accurately, it will cause the problem that the cutting circle is not round and the size of the large parts is not correct.

  To check the accuracy of the cutting machine is also very simple, as long as the needle is attached to the cutting gun, the program for running the cutting machine to correct the error can be checked by scribe.

2. Cutting nozzle quality and kerf compensation amount:

  The quality of the cutting tip will affect the surface quality of the workpiece and the straightness of the cut side. The kerf compensation must be consistent with the actual cut kerf width. The method to reduce such errors is to select a quality-qualified cutting nozzle. The cutting nozzle specification should also be suitable for the thickness and material of the sheet to be cut. It can be tested for the scrap until the width of the slit is uniform, the section is flat and not slag, and then Cut a rectangle of a fixed length without compensation. Finally, the measurement is made, and the smaller the slit width is added.

3. The graphic size is wrong:

  Inadvertently causing a graphic size error during drawing or nesting, you can find out the cause by checking the size.

4. Programming software error:

  If the programming software has defects or does not have accumulated error correction function, it will cause errors in the generated NC code. For example, the generated code size data is wrong or the compensation direction is wrong; or the code has accumulated error, causes no problem in a small range size , and there are many errors in the line segment, and the phenomenon that the entry point is introduced and the misplaced is misplaced, and the full plate set is also caused. Deviation from workpiece spacing during material feeding.

  It is easy to check the program problem. As long as the NC code is converted to CAD graphics for measurement, the compensation direction can be seen through the simulation.

5. Randomness occurs in the cutting machine:

  Voltage fluctuations, loose data lines, poor contact between the system and servo control lines, loss of servo feedback signals, and unstable servo drive circuits may cause irregular running of the CNC plasma cutting machine.

  The principle of judging the phenomenon of chaotic running of the cutting machine:

  1) Irregular running can eliminate the problem of NC program.

  2) Regular running will check whether there is a problem with the program through simulation. If the program is ok, check the system software (including the built-in software of the axis card).

6. Deformation during cutting:

  The deformation mainly includes thermal deformation and deformation caused by gravity. The reasonable lead position and cutting direction can be used to reduce deformation during programming. Some cool devices can be added as needed, and a reasonable cutting platform can be used.

7. The error caused by the common side:

  If the co-edge is used, the compensation amount, the actual kerf width, and the spacing at the common edge of the workpiece must be the same. If the inconsistency causes the workpiece size to be larger or smaller.

  In summary, the error can be divided into pre-cutting error and post-cutting error. For a certain procedure, the error before cutting can be checked by scribe. The error after cutting needs to be optimized by a reasonable cutting process to reduce the error.

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