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Continuous casting roller double-torch automatic surface overlay welding machine

Product overview

Application and welding method:1.Work piece external diameter: Φ150—Φ500mm2. Work piece length: double head welding 2X2000mm; single head welding 5000mm3. Work piece maximum weight: 5000kg4. Weldin...

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Product introduction

Application and welding method:

1.Work piece external diameter: Φ150—Φ500mm

2. Work piece length: double head welding 2X2000mm; single head welding 5000mm

3. Work piece maximum weight: 5000kg

4. Welding method: Submerged arc overlay welding

5. According to the demand of the welding process, can choose spiral welding, step type welding, swinging welding, different welding process. Through touch screen human-machine interface, welding parameters can be preset, state changed, and program store and recall


Work piece welding process:

1. Put work piece to the positioning fixture, manually adjust the welding torch lifting and left and right, and make the torch align to welding start point

2. Select welding technology and mode on the touch screen, and set the parameters and process, adjust the appropriate welding current and voltage.

3. Switch to automatic mode, after work piece clamped, press start button, the program will automatically start welding arc, start work piece, open welding oscillator, according to the set speed, bead width, welding layers and other parameters automatically finish welding.

4. After welding, automatic stop the action program. In welding process, flux is selected and recycled automatically

5. Remove the work piece, waiting for the next cycle, if welding is the same, adjusting the welding torch at the seam, repeat the same welding.

technical parameter

Work piece external diameter Φ150—Φ500mm
Work piece length: double head welding 2X2000mm single head welding 5000mm
Work piece maximum weight 5000kg

Application example


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