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Special Vehicle Welding Production line
Publisher:wenhui       Release time:2017-12-27 09:55
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The special vehicle automatic welding production line improves the welding quality and efficiency, at the same time, it can greatly reduce the workload, and improve the working environment and have other advantages to satisfy the requirement of the constantly improvement of vehicle performance.

With the rapid development of Chinese economy, road transportation also has the rapid changes on higher requirements on vehicle performance. As result, the original manual welding method is being washed out gradually, replaced by automatic welding production lines.

 Aiming at the demand of the market, our company design the abnormity of tank automatic welding production lines.

The production line includes special-shaped circular and longitudinal seam automatic welding, large automatic butt welding, special-shaped positioner and rotators, such as: concrete mixer truck tank automatic welding production line, semi-truck automatic welding production line.

We introduced many advanced electric control idea and operation method, not only greatly improves the welding quality and work efficiency, but also greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers and make the safety of working environment improved. At the same time, due to the product line is easy to operate, it can adapt to various types of special welding of tank. It’s highly automatic, greatly improve production efficiency. In addition, the machine has beautiful structure and welding quality is stable and reliable.

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