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Cut to length and slitting production line
Publisher:wenhui       Release time:2017-12-27 09:54
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This production line is used to slit and recoil, and it also can be used to cut to measure length of steel coil, is called combine line. It can fulfill 3 requirement, slitting: uncoil-leveling-slitting. Cut to length: uncoil-leveling-shear-stacking, recoil: uncoil-slitting-recoil.

The production line units and work flow

Storage cart - loading – uncoil- take material volume flatten head- cut off the head - clip roll into to 17 roller leveler- looping to rectify to the unit-the loading place bridge

Function (1) slitting machine - waste edge coiling- transition table (including the leftover material compaction) - looping store table 2 – pre-separation - feeding – extension  - turning roll - pressure material separation - recoil - discharge volume

Function (2) roller coarse pose to servo into to shearing machine, conveyor belt, pallet rack

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