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Jinan Huafei CNC machinery co., LTD. passed the inspection
Publisher:HUAFEI CNC       Release time:2015-07-17 10:03
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Shandong inspection checked our uncoiling line on October 17, 2012. Checked mechanical parts and electrical parts, test results are in accordance with industry standards. They exchanged ideas at the same time with the company's general manager and other related personnel, and put forward the corresponding requirements, "management without blind area, without prohibited, export" requirement, improve the security system, specification in product markets, great importance to product quality, continuously strengthen the quality management work achievements, they satisfied to the company's product quality is assured.

Along with expansion market of Jinan Huafei CNC machinery co., LTD., more and more equipment are sold to Russia, Australia, Brazil, Peru, Myanmar and other countries, now uncoiling line, automatic welding equipment, special welding equipment, and CNC cutting machine is generally get high praised by customers!



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