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Uncoiler introduction
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Uncoiler classification and structure:
Uncoiler can be divided into general uncoiler and rewinding uncoiler according to usage. Due to the main structure is uncoiler barrel, therefore, according to the barrel structure, uncoiler basically divided into the following kinds, namely single drum swell-shrink uncoiler, double drums swell-shrink type uncoiler, rectangular pyramid type cantilever uncoiler and double drums rotary uncoiler. Conventional sheet processing production line is generally use single drum swell-shrink and double drums swell-shrink uncoiler.                                       

Single drum pyramid type swell-shrink uncoiler:

1, This uncoiling machine has good rigidity, big tension and light weight etc. It is widely used in cut to length line, slitting line, and combined line which thickness under 6 mm, width between 1000 -1600.
2, Uncoiler swell-shrink range is 70 mm, when steel coil diameter is∮508 mm; swell Size∮535 mm; shrink size∮465 mm. When the coil diameter is∮610 mm; swell Size∮635 mm; shrink size∮565 mm.
3, This uncoiler axle bearing (equipped with bearing roller) on active base to bear the drum, make it no longer cantilever structure, increase the drum rigidity.
4, Uncoiler swell shrink operation is controlled by hydraulic cylinder. When the axial swell-shrink hydraulic cylinder, pull rod and pyramidal shaft axial moving follow suit. Because of oblique woven swell the bow piece, the drum swell diameter. When the axial swell-shrink hydraulic cylinder do reverse action, with the aid of oblique woven sliding dovetail groove on the surface of the roll neck.

double cylinder type swell-shrink uncoiler:

1, Double cylinder swell-shrink uncoiler adopts photoelectric control system, when moving hydraulic cylinder, two drums can do synchronous movement.
2, Uncoiler can prevent steel coil deformations. Double cylinder head swell-shrink type uncoiler, the spacing between the two cylinder only 20 mm, good coordinated operation. Currently widely used in cut to length line, slitting line, and combined line which thickness between 6 and 20 mm, width between 1000-2200mm.
3, pull rod head conical, conical part machining with dovetail groove surface, make the rod to match bow piece, composed oblique woven sliding mechanism.
4, tie rod directly (pyramid axis) connected with axial swell-shrink hydraulic cylinder, when the axial swell-shrink hydraulic cylinder moved, push bow piece expansion, drum swell; On the other hand, cylinder shrink.

Four pyramid cantilever uncoiler:

Rectangular pyramid cantilever uncoiler used for heavy and big tension steel coil, especially suit for slitting recoiling unit. Cylinder internal adopt the rectangular pyramid structure, other is the same with swell-shrink pyramid type structure.
Double drums rotary uncoiler:
Double drums rotary uncoiler is mainly used for processing narrow strip. Steel coil width generally between 50 - 500mm, with compact structure, flexible control, roll up the advantages of convenient.


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