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Jinan Huafei CNC triaxial two linkage CNC roll overlaying welding machine
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 1.Equipment introduction
Roll overlaying welding equipment is for welding and repairing roller or other cylinders which wear and tear. Welding method is adopt automatic submerged arc welding, one side of workpiece is active rotary chuck, and another side is passive telescopic thimble. Lateral movement mechanism can make welding head do welding process between device's chuck bridge and plunger. Our machine have advanced Principle, convenient operation, simple structure, adjust quickly, which is one of the necessary equipment roll overlaying welding manufacturers. 
2.Equipment principle
First hanging welding workpiece between chuck and the thimble by lifting device, and fixed workpiece with chuck and thimble according to the lathe process, the lateral movement organizations and submerged arc welding torch adjustment welding position, finally start welding system, chuck slewing mechanism and car move mechanism to drive submerged arc torch to move slowly, rotary workpiece moving turn a circle to welding width distance to implement the whole equipment working.

3. the main parameter

1)suitable workpiece diameter: φ100 ~ 600 mm
2)chuck clamping specifications: ≤φ300 mm 
3)suitable workpiece length: 500 ~ 3000 mm
4)suitable workpiece weight: ≤2000kg
5)rotary motor power: 0.75 kW
6)welding arm lift movement: 300 mm
7)the workpiece rotation speed: 0.05 ~ 1 m/min
8)car move speed: 2 ~ 50 mm/min
9)the welding current range: 200 ~ 1000 A
10)suitable wire diameter: φ1.2 ~ 3.2 mm
11)fine-tuning mechanism range: 100 x 100 mm
12)total weight of the whole equipment: about 3.8 T

4.structure features

A complete set of welding equipment mainly composed by: active chuck, passive thimble, public platform, beam, welding movable car, cross adjusting device and arc submerged welding power supply, welding head, electric operation system, etc. Active chuck seat is made of steel plate welding frame fixed structure, using the rotary bearing as rotary benchmark, three jaw chuck is installed on the rotary bearing, motor drive the retarding mechanism drive rotary bearing and three jaw chuck rotation, rotation speed stepless speed regulated by the inverter. Passive thimble holder is made of steel plate welding frame structure, move sliding, movement in place after locked by splints, rotary plunger in the upper portion of the organization, installation center concentric with the chuck and rotary plunger can be telescopic movement, expansion sleeve can lock, thimble with chuck for rotary motion. Public platform is made of steel and steel plate which welding such as strength, and then to carry on the plane processing. Public platform used to make active chuck bridge and passive thimble has a unified benchmark, constitute a organic whole. Welding frame adopts prefabricated frame structure, the upper is a beam, beam is equipped with guide rail and rack, lateral movement car hanging on the beam.

Welding car is a movable mechanism, hanging on the beam guide rail by using guide wheel, open arc welding head adjusting mechanism and lateral movement retarding mechanism installed on welding car. Cross adjusting device is used for open arc welding head up and down, up and down range is 100 mm, right and left range is 100 mm, manual adjustment, stable and reliable. The whole cross adjusting device and welding head can lift by electric height controller, used in workpiece diameter wide range changes. Welding current use a special conductive device in chuck seat, electric currency is convenient to deduct, guarantee the machine safe and reliable work. User does not need external electric cable on the workpiece

5.configuration properties
1) Lincoln or Aotai automatic submerged arc welding machine, DC - 1000 or MZ - 1000
Submerged arc welding power source is multifunctional DC welding power source for automatic welding, whether it is a constant voltage or constant current characteristics which provide excellent output arc characteristics; firm electric circuit is designed to provide long service life; Full range output voltage control; The operation is simple, the output parameters accurately; Mode switch, can choose the desired output characteristic; The network voltage compensation, to maintain the welding stability, when user select the right welding process and welding voltage fluctuation which is less than the allowed range, a shooting testing success rate can reach 98%; Current overload and over temperature fan cooling, automatic thermal control protection; Moisture and corrosion environment, wire coil and rectifier protection design.

The main technical parameters:

Welding current rating:                           1000 A
Output voltage:                                 20 ~ 60 v
temporary load rate:                               100%
Current adjusting range:                         200 ~ 1000 A
Wire diameter:                                  1.2 ~ 6 mm
Welding speed:                                 15 ~ 75 m/h

2)AC frequency conversion controller

Adopt Taiwan Delta SPWM control technology, over current, overload, electronic hot protection function, automatic parameters adjustment according to the motor running state, low frequency high torque, satisfy a constant torque when adjusting speed. 
3)CNC control system:
Numerical control system driven by frequency control, servo driven, PLC logic control, human-machine interface system.
Workpieces in the process of welding arc welding trajectory by main shaft frequency control of motor speed, welding torch two axis stepper system, using the interpolation principle, controlled by the PLC to complete the movement signal of three parts, including arc welding speed (straight) as the starting point coordinates can be through the selection of man-machine interface to set the start and stop. To fulfill spiral, ladder, groove, climbing and overlay welding.

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