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Jinan Huafei CNC applied in research development and application of wear-resistant overlaying welding industry
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Automatic welding equipment in wear-resistant overlaying welding on the surface of a layer or multilayer wear-resistant alloy materials, welding parts to wear after the remanufacture, to effectively improve the wear resistance and prolong its service life. Including the power industry after vertical abrasion mill roller/mill lining board; Cement clinker materials vertical mill, roller mill in the building materials industry, coal slag vertical mill, roller mill grinding roll/mill lining board surfacing, crusher hammers, roller extrusion press roller of surfacing welding manufacture and so on.
related to the casting, welding technology developed later, overlaying welding is increasing as the size of casting its manufacturing and heat treatment difficulty is higher and higher. Because big size of the wear parts in order to achieve from the inside out uniform wear-resisting performance is very difficult. Surfacing process, however, can solve this problem, it will granular, ultra - micronization model. The casting process, a large casting into numerous small casting, in this way, each microscopic molten pool can easily reach the parts required microscopic indexes such as strength, hardness and toughness. For composite surfacing welding workpiece, of course, if the product has a good overall quality, requires that the casting and welding quality is very high.

Wear parts wear resistance is determined by the material performance, which includes the metal chemical composition of metal material, matrix organization structure, strength, toughness, plasticity and brittleness, the surface hardness of metal material on the impact of abrasion is particularly significant, it is common concern of the user. In addition, the material base structure is also very important. To improve wear resistance, in addition to improve the organization of the hardness of substrate material, more important is through the proper overlaying welding technology to get the best carbide hardness, size and distribution.
To this end, targeted to make welding process is an effective guarantee for the result. Make welding process to consider include: the principle of wearing parts technology can reach or exceed the original characteristics and conform to the applicable work environment and conditions, combined with the matrix of mechanical performance, the impact on the substrate, the design of the surfacing layer thickness and control, the suitable welding material and equipment.
Automatic surfacing welding process parameters including welding material diameter, bead width, welding speed, welding, welding current, arc voltage, interlayer temperature, welding wire stretched out the length and Angle, hardness, wearing parts after welding thickness deviation, circular orality, and crack allows the depth and length, edge welding allowance and workpiece temperature, etc.

Surfacing grain have spiral welding, ladder type surfacing, straight grain surfacing, the diamond stripe surface according to the technical requirement, such as a key to achieve the whole welding process operation, selection module according to process requirements, automatically forming welding, and can realize the multilayer multichannel automatic welding.
Jinan Huafei CNC based on automatic control technology as the carrier of research and development Production Company, Our Company and Zhengzhou mechanical institute cooperate depth. We developed main products such as: offline surfacing welding equipment, automatic welding machine, and online automatic girth welding machine, welding equipment, high degree of automation, mature technology, r&d and production of products of the company involved in multiple industries.

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