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gantry cnc metal oxy fuel flame cutting machine

Product overview

Many flames cutting guns are installed on the CNC cutting machine. For drawing, programming, nesting, calibration and CNC cutting of straight-line shaped parts.

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Product introduction


Gantry CNC metal oxy-fuel flame cutting machine is a high-efficiency, high-precision, and high-reliability cutting device integrating computer control, precision mechanical transmission and thermal cutting. The good man-machine interface makes the operation more convenient and simple and can cut the plate quickly and accurately. Suitable for medium and thick metal plates, it adopts integrated modular design, which is quick to install and easy to move. 

Product characteristics:

It has a stable operation, good configuration, and high working efficiency. It can be used for cutting large, medium and small steel plates of various carbon steel, manganese steel, and other metal materials. 

Gantry CNC metal oxy-fuel flame cutting machine Multiple cutting torches can be configured according to user requirements. The CNC special-shaped torch system can also be configured according to requirements, and an automatic height-adjusting system can be selected. Improve the rate of steel casings, effectively save steel; improve the efficiency of programming, nesting, and cutting, and effectively improve the efficiency of cutting production. 

Product advantage:

1. The beam adopts Germany Messer technology; gantry type frame, eliminate the structural torsional moment better, the beam is box-type structure, not rectangular tube steel, after welding, use annealing treatment to eliminate internal stress, the deformation does not occur in the years of use. 

2. Cutting torch lifting rack for torch automatic lifting. 

3. The mechanical transmission system is through precision rolling bearings and the meshing of class 7 precision gears and racks. 

4. The drive system adopts planetary reducer, the input /output error is only 16 minutes of arc, at the same time, in the transverse/ longitudinal gear transmission structure, increases the device of automatic compensation gap, so that the transmission structure can accurately perform the directives issued by the CNC system. 

5. Drive end beam: longitudinal rail clamping device adopts an automatic guiding structure, not the eccentric wheel clamping structure, by the spring force of the automatic guide structure, making it steady running on two tracks, no clamping wheel tight, partial loose phenomenon, its leverage ratio is 1:3. 

6. All equipment spare parts are of black, electroplating and other surface treatment. 

7. The machine is sandblasting and primer spray, face paint using orange peel paint, color is blue or yellow. 

technical parameter


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