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cnc plasma pipe cutting machine for round/sqare steel tube

Product overview

The automatic pipe cutting machine is widely used in cutting pipeline structural parts in construction, chemical industry, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, electric power, and other industries. NC intersecting wire cutting machine is very convenient for cutting and processing such workpieces.

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Product introduction

stainless steel pipe cutting machine

 The automatic tube cutting machine does not need an operator's calculation and programming. It only needs to input parameters such as pipe radius and intersecting angle of pipeline intersecting system. The Automatic tube cutting machine can automatically cut intersecting lines, intersecting line hole and welding groove of the pipeline. The numerical control pipe intersecting wire cutting machine adopts digital control. The number of control axes of the machine is two to six axes. Each type of machine has the functions of cutting various intersecting lines and holes, cutting fixed-angle grooves, fixed-point grooves, variable-angle grooves, non-circularity and eccentricity compensation of pipes. 

The characteristics of CNC plasma stainless steel pipe cutting and beveling machine: 

stainless steel pipe cutting machine details

1. Memory Function of Various Cutting Programs; 

2. Cutting Data Track Holding Function; 

3. Automatic Demonstration Function of Trajectory; 

4. Copying Tracking Function; 

5. Various Speed Control Functions; 

6. Cutting Function of Slot Surface with Fixed Angle and Variable Angle; 

7. Visual and Concise Display Interface; 

8. High Cutting Accuracy. 

stainless steel pipe cutting machine details

Cutting item: 

stainless steel pipe cutting machine cutting mode

The max angle of bevel: Vertical and horizontal direction ± 60 ° 

Minimum cross-cutting angle: ± 30 ° 

Cutting speed automatic stepless variable speed regulation

Continuous Cutting Set Fixed-point and fixed-angle bevel settings Vertical pipe and slope-side cutting

Home bias pipe opening face cut

Home bias pipe opening eccentric cutting surface

Mother pipe rectangular cutting surface 

Mother trough control center, cutting eccentric 

Orthogonal mother riding a tube-type cutting openings 

Orthogonal mother tube insertion opening-cutting 

Orthogonal and oblique cut-side branch pipe 

Orthogonal and oblique eccentric mother pipe cutting 

Orthogonal and oblique eccentric cutting branches 

Multi-tube mother intersection pipe opening face cut 

Multi-pipe intersection cut-side branch pipe 

Possession of ocean engineering at both ends of the tube cutting bias 

Tube welding elbow, "shrimp" oblique section cutting 

Pipe ovality error automatic tra

technical parameter

Application example


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