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Gantry Type CNC Oxy Fuel / Plasma Cutting Machine

Product overview

The gantry types CNC oxy-fuel / plasma cutting machine is suitable for low carbon steel plate, copper plate, iron plate, aluminum plate, galvanized plate, titanium plate, and other metal plates. Widely used in automobiles, locomotives, pressure vessels, chemical machinery, nuclear industry, general machinery, construction machinery, steel structure, and other industries.

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Product introduction

Gantry Type CNC Oxy Fuel / Plasma Cutting Machine

Products Description:

 Heavy-duty gantry frame structure, cross to beam to adopts box-type welding structure, no distortion, high-efficiency bilateral drive, compact structure, overall tempering, fully eliminate welding stress, thick and atmospheric shape, stable and reliable performance, is currently the most standard and most general CNC cutting machine in the cutting machine industry, transverse span of 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m 8m, and other rules. Lattices are driven bilaterally, with two-axis straight-line guide rail, marked as transverse gauge 4m, effective cutting range: 3.2m, longitudinal rail length can be customized, single flame or single plasma cutting mode, with automatic ignition; flame and plasma dual-purpose cutting mode can also be added. The longitudinal guide rail length is 2 m per section. It can be configured to lengthen the guide rail and widen the span of the cross beam according to the user's requirements. It can also be configured to use multiple torches or grooves for cutting purposes according to the user's requirements. 


 This machine is mainly used for precise cutting of large panels. It is a kind of cutting and cutting equipment with high efficiency and energy saving, which can greatly improve the utilization rate and cutting efficiency of a steel plate. This machine can work continuously without stopping for a long time. 

 It can cut low carbon steel (flame cutting) and non-ferrous metals (plasma cutting) such as high carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc. It is widely used in machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, petrochemical, military, metallurgy, aerospace, boiler, pressure vessel, and other industries. EL, locomotive, etc. 

Product characteristics:

gantry cnc cutting machine

Rack structure:

  The cross beam adopts the German Messel technology and gantry frame, which can eliminate the torsion better. The crossbeam is a non-rectangular tube structure of the box steel structure. After welding, it is annealed entirely to eliminate the internal stress so that it will not deform in long-term use. The stable frame structure makes the cutting precision higher and the cutting speed faster. 



 A horizontal guideway adopts a domestic or imported double axle core linear guideway with high precision and good guidance.  

 Longitudinal guide rail with a grinding surface made of special metal has high mechanical accuracy and wear resistance. 

Servo drive system

Servo drive system:

 Our servo drive system Panasonic, character position detection function, high accuracy, short acceleration time. The drive system adopts a Japanese original planetary reducer, whose input and output errors are only 16 arcs. Meanwhile, in the transverse and longitudinal gear transmission structure, an automatic clearance compensation device is added to enable the transmission structure to accurately execute the instructions issued by the NC system. 

Cutting Torch Lifting Device

Cutting Torch Lifting Device:

 Cutting torch lifting rack is used to realize the automatic lifting of cutting torch. 

Mechanical transmission device

Mechanical transmission device:

 All the mechanical transmission systems adopt the meshing of the precision gear and rack with the machining accuracy of Grade 7 of the national standard. 

Optional configuration:


1. Flame Cutting Device

 It can be used for cutting large, medium and small steel plates of various metal materials such as carbon steel and manganese steel. Many cutting torches can be configured according to user's requirements, or CNC cutting torch system can be configured according to demand, and automatic height adjustment system can be optionally allocated. 


2. Groove Cutting Device

 Increasing groove cutting devices on the gantry frame can realize infinite groove processing of sheet metal. 

technical parameter

Track width(mm) 3000丨3500丨4000丨5000丨6000丨7000
Working width (mm) 2200丨2700丨3200丨4200丨5200丨6200
Overall width (mm) 3800丨4300丨4800丨5800丨6800丨7800
CNC system Micro Edge pro, or famous domestic brands according to customer's requirements
Cutting mode Flame cutting and plasma cutting
Driven system Double-side Panasonic servo driven system
Torch lifting stroke(mm) 170,200(Optional)
Ldle stroke speed(mm/min) 0-10000
Cutting speed(mm/min) 0-4000
Flame cutting thickness(mm) 2-300
Fuel gas type Acetylene, propane, natural gas
Plasma cutting thickness Decided by plasma power source
Foundation type H-beam steel or cement base, standard configuration is H-beam steel

Application example


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