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pipe rotator, welding rotator, Self-aligning tank rotator

Product overview

The self-adjusting welding rotator can adjust itself rotating according to the diameter of the cylinder. We can design and make specifically on the users’ requirement welding rotator. Apply to wind power, pressure vessel, petrifaction, pipe, steel structure, and overlaying industries.

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Product introduction

  An automatic self-adjusting welding rotator can adjust itself according to the diameter of the cylinder. Its drive adopts cycloidal pinwheel reducer or worm gear reducer, dual motor drive. According to the needs of users, the roller can be divided into rubber wheel, steel wheel and roller frame are mainly used for welding, the lining and assembling of cylindrical cylinders, and also for assembling and welding conical and sectional unequal-diameter revolving bodies in combination with other assemblies. 

welding rotator design

  This product is widely used in wind power, pressure vessel, petrochemical, pipeline, steel structure, boiler, shipbuilding, surfacing repair and other industries. Our factory can also design and customize various types of roller racks according to the needs of users.

1.The physical construction of the self-adjusting roller: 

  The self-adjusting roller is composed of a primary frame and second frame. The primary part is composed of foundation, motor, transmission gear, swing arm, and wheels. The second part is composed of foundation, swing arm and wheels. 

pipe welding rotator

2.Working principle and structure characteristics: 

  The working way of Self-adjusting rollers is that active frame, two motors, and reducer controlled by the same ac motor driver realize the two motors stepless speed change and synchronization operation. The motor drives the main driving wheel working through a drive system. 

  The workpiece is put on the primary and secondary wheels when the primary wheel running, the friction between the workpiece and primary wheel can drive the workpiece rotating. The friction between the rotating workpiece and the secondary wheel can drive the secondary wheel running. 

pipe rotators

  Each swing arms of the self-adjusting roller can drive the workpiece to adjust the diameter by itself so that the labor-power is saved much and the work efficiency is increased. 


Adjustable electric screw or manual screw, convenient and efficient; 

The roll wrap angle is 45 ° ~ 110 ° to ensure the stable rotation of the workpiece; 

AC motor or DC motor (as required by the customer) drives the worm gear reducer to drive the roller to rotate through the gear; 

French Schneider or Japanese Panasonic frequency converter realize variable frequency stepless speed and synchronous rotation of roller; 

automatic welding rotator

Heat treatment after welding of the main welding; sandblasting and derating before painting; 

The main electrical components adopt the Schneider brand of France; 

Optional wireless control box; 

There are lifting to lug on the base of convenient lifting. 

technical parameter

Diameter(min) 350mm-2500mm
Diameter(max) 900mm-5500mm
Loading Capacity 1-100T
Roller Speed 6-60m/h
Roller material Polyurethane steel
Drive mode Motor+Reducer
Speed Regulation Mode Frequency Control

Application example


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