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small welding positioner turntable for pipe

Product overview

Small welding positioner turntable for pipe uses DC motor to drive, stepless adjusting speed can be achieved. The controller uses computer control can be realized with welding machine linkage. This product uses a professional anti-electromagnetic interference design, avoid high-frequency interference during welding. Power system using a worm reversing mechanism, with a self-locking feature. Table rollover angle 0 ~ 90 °, can realize stepless rotating.  According to user needs can be configured with a welding torch bracket, regulatory agencies, guides, and pneumatic top. It can be realized on the workpiece automated welding.

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Product introduction

small welding positioner turntable for pipe

  The small seat type positioner is driven by a DC motor for stepless speed regulation. The controller adopts microcomputer control to realize the linkage between the positioner and the welder. This product adopts professional anti-electromagnetic interference designs to avoid high-frequency interference form argon arc welding. The power system adopts a worm gear worm reversing mechanism and has a self-locking function. The table flip angle is 0~90°, which can realize the stepless flip. The welding head holder, adjustment mechanism, guide rail, and pneumatic tip can be configured according to user requirements. Automated welding of the workpiece is possible. 

small welding positioner turntable for pipe

technical parameter

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