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Automatic long longitudinal seam welding machine

Product overview

The automatic long longitudinal seam welding machine for the cylinder is docked with the longitudinal seam of the flat plate. Adapt to gas welding, submerged arc welding, argon arc welding, and other welding methods. Single-sided welding and two-sided forming ensure welding quality. a back gas protection device to protect the workpiece from deformation during the welding process and the appearance of the reverse weld. The equipment adopts PLC control to realize automatic welding operation!

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Product introduction

Automatic long longitudinal seam welding machine equipment sketch

  The automatic long longitudinal seams welding machine is mainly used for automatic longitudinal seam welding of the thin-walled cylinder and plate splicing. The welding technology can be used in TIG/MIG/MAG/PWA/SAW and other ways. It is suitable for welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and other materials. It is widely used in aerospace, automobile parts, motorcycles, household appliances, pressure vessels, and food machinery industries. The equipment adopts a pneumatic keyboard pressing structure to ensure uniform pressing of the workpiece, water cool about mandrel and back gas protection for welding seams can be selected to reduce welding deformation, and a centralized operation interface is adopted in control system to effectively ensure welding quality and simple、reliable operation. 

Main features: 


1. The key-type pneumatic pressing device is applied to clamp the workpiece. This device provides force evenly to the workpiece and prevents deformation. 

Electric control cabinet

2. It is widely applied to high-quality welding and low-deformation straight seam. Use in such field: petrochemical industry, solar water heater manufacturer, pipeline and automobile industry. 

Back gas protection mechanism

3. Control by PLC, driven by DC motor, and stepless speed regulation, with a control system to realize automatic welding, and equipped with a straight oscillator for optional choice. 


4. With different protection lining on the lower side, the welding seam can be welded through. Therefore both sides with the welding seam can be shaped with single-side welding. 

Arc length tracker

5. Its welding thickness is 1mm-8mm, welding speed is 0.2m/min-2.2m/min. 

Feeding trolley

6. Longitudinal automatic welding machine uses several welding methods, such as argon submerged welding, gas-shielded welding plasma welding, etc. 

technical parameter

Welding Method TIG/MIG/MAG/SAW/PAW
Welding Material Carbon Steel; Stainless Steel; Aluminum
Welding Speed 0.2-2.2m/min
Control Mode PLC
Clamping Mode Pneumatic key type press

Application example


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